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Bio-Energetic medicine & health screening is becoming one of the fastest & easiest ways to find out the cause of any health issue.


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Health Screening

Bio-Energetic medicine & health screening is becoming one of the fastest & easiest ways to find out the cause of any health issue, and can now be found in many therapists clinics all over the world & throughout the UK to assist us the practitioners in helping each individual client to understand the cause of their health issue & how to bring their body back to good health through natural remedies & therapies.   The Qest4 is one of  the most up to date devices on the market.

What we test & look for in your Health Screen Test:

  • Internal organs

  • Food intolerances

  • Allergies

  • Toxin overloads

  • Immune problems

Areas of Investigation

Internal organs
The Qest4 tests the state of each internal organ, whether it is stressed or weakened and links to other area’s of the body that may be showing symptoms of stress.
Nutritional needs / food intolerances
This test can show us what deficiencies you have, and also what your body is not absorbing properly.  Mis-absorption of essential nutrients can cause many food intolerances in the body, and is the main cause of leaky gut syndrome.   We can then provide the client with the correct eating plan & advise on nutritional needs which is a must for all clients wishing to move onto a healthier lifestyle.
Allergies & Environmental sensitivities
This type of sensitivity is often a symptom of deeper level imbalances, so you can potentially be de-sensitised using imprinted homeopathic remedies, in conjunction with a broader health improvement program.
Toxin overload on the body
With this test, we test the load of toxins that have entered the body through chemicals in food & tap water, medications, skincare, cosmetics etc.   Toxins cause the flow of energy in the body to become blocked & the liver to become sluggish.   Using the Qest4 we can clear the blockages through looking at the health of the liver and looking at a detoxification programme, to enable the body to regulate toxins efficiently is an essential part of the treatment programme.
Toxins can be:
Heavy metals
Fungal signature
Parasite signature
Bacteria such as mycoplasma, mycotoxin, mollucite
Any of these can affect your health in many ways:
Circulatory symptoms
Mental Health / Neurological symptoms
Digestive problems such as bloating, flatulence, can’t lose weight
Skin problems
Immune problems
Respiratory symptoms
Tiredness / Fatigue
Reproductive & hormonal problems
All other illnesses
When testing I also look at hormonal imbalances, emotional stressors, Dental, Vertebrae and so much more.   It will reveal why you feel the way you do and the most remarkable thing is that it will also suggest the best way to resolve any issues or imbalances you might have. All you have to do is hold two metal rods  it is painless and non-invasive!    If you are familiar with Kinesiology (muscle testing), Qest4 works in a similar way, but it is computerised, and much faster. The system effectively asks thousands of “questions” of the body very quickly, and allows the practitioner to build up a picture of your body’s responses to a wide variety of items, which give important clues to the healing process.
We provide the informational signatures highlighted by the test back to the body. The Qest4 provides this by creating an imprinted informational remedy, the same concept as a homoeopathic remedy.   This remedy is taken for six weeks to correct the energetic imbalances, you will then be re-tested after the six week period.
Cost £100 for the initial treatment.
Tests may also be ongoing every six weeks if you have a chronic condition at a cost of £80. Testing can be carried out at the clinic in person or with a hair sample can be used with the same results.


Qest4 Bioresonance Consultation & health screening 45 – 90 mins in clinic or by phone £100
Qest4 Bioresonance re-test health screening – 60 mins £100
Clinical Reflexology with consultation – Includes a nutritional test 75-90 mins £60
Clinical Reflexology – 60 or 75 mins £40 – £50
Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage – 60 or 75 mins £40 – £50
Reproflexology / fertility consultations 45 – 90 mins Varies £120
Reproflexology Treatments 60 mins £45

Subsequent treatments / appointment regularity and the length of treatment needed will be discussed after the initial consultation. payment must be made on the same day, I accept Cash, Cards or Bank Transfers (before treatment).

  07590 775319


I will need 48 hours cancellation notice, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Cancellation charges are as follows:

  • Same day cancellation & no notification will be charged 100% of the treatment price.
  • In certain circumstances a cancellation charge may not apply.


Testimonials from genuine clients who have visited The Reflexology Room


“I have had experience of several Reflexologists’ over a number of years and feel myself very fortunate to have found Clare.

My first contact with her was very positive and this encouraged me to go along. I have very high expectations of my therapist and have not been disappointed. Indeed each session becomes more beneficial to me and Clare’s intuitive approach helps me cope with a very stressful lifestyle. Its more than a reflexology session – its an holistic experience.”

Norma - Kirby Muxloe
Avatar 2

“I have had reflexology for years, but now I won’t go to anyone else but Clare for my treatments. 

She tailors every treatment to how I’m feeling and what I need each time.  She is professional, but caring and friendly.  All the treatments Clare offers are wonderfully relaxing and beneficial, I certainly feel better for the treatments I have with her and they are great as a pampering treat if that’s what you fancy too.  I would highly recommend Clare as a therapist.”

Andrea - Anstey
Avatar 3

“I have been a client of Clare’s now for a while and I absolutely love her! Clare is massively passionate about her clients and is an excellent therapist. I love having my monthly treatments; I feel the benefit in a very big way.

Clare is totally in touch with my body physically, she’s able to work on parts of my body through my feet that need attention. After the treatment I feel completely rejuvenated, positive & happy. I’m so pleased I’ve found Clare, she is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Nel - Anstey
Avatar 2

“I have been a client of Clare’s for around 7 months after looking on the internet for local, clinical reflexologist. In the past I have visited beauty salons and have enjoyed treatments that are on offer but I felt the reflexologist did not entirely meet my needs.

I have a number of different medical conditions and my lifestyle was not the best it could have been when I first met Clare. I found that she is professional, polite and always greets you with a smile, and she takes into consideration what you want to achieve. I think what impressed me most, when I first started seeing Clare, was the fact that she will make an extra effort to look into the separate medical conditions that I have and she looked at a holistic way of helping to compliment the reflexology. I also like that she will offer advice to help without preaching to you.

I see Clare every four weeks and I have found that I feel better in myself, I have made lifestyle changes as well as having regular reflexology and I have been able to reduce and stop taking one of my tablets completely. I would recommend Clare to friends and family and I will continue to go to her for my reflexology for as long as I can!!”

Nadine - Leicester
Avatar 2

“After seriously struggling with chronic upper back pain for 4 years and trying medication from my GP along with complementary therapies such as Physio and pain clinics with no relief,  I believed I would suffer in pain for the rest of my life.  But after around 4 treatments with Clare, I could breathe easier again, my back pain has gone and the treatment has even regulated my menstrual cycle which was all over the place and had been told I would need a hysterectomy for!   Clare is not only a lovely lady, but extremely professional and highly qualifed.

Her treatments room is outstanding and Clare makes me feel at ease straight away.  I would highly recommend her, because her treatments has changed my life. “

A. F. - Barkby

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